Coming Soon: Black Flag “Damaged” 1st Print, 1st 25,000!

So this is pretty much my Superman #1.  Again, I should keep this but I have a business to run (plus if I just started keeping shit, my wife would probably murder me.)

I’m constantly looking for ideas of stuff to find for the shop, which is the hardest part about doing this.  One of the things I like to do that helps, is read.  I am currently reading, “Get In The Van” by Henry Rollins.  The book is entertaining.  Most of it is journal entries so the writing isn’t anything award winning, but it’s a great look into his life touring relentlessly with Black Flag.

In the book, I learned that “Damaged” was originally released on Unicorn Records (which was associated with MCA,) and that prior to it’s release, MCA president Al Bergamo had listened to it, labeling it as “anti-parent.”  MCA refused to distribute the record because of this, despite the fact that everything was already pressed and packaged.  Members of the band placed a sticker over the MCA logo which read, “As a parent… I found it an anti-parent record.”  This sticker is present on the first 25,000 copies.

I have one on the way to me and it should be in the shop in a few days.  Pretty excited about this find.  At the time when I initially was searching for this album, there was only one on discogs listed at $400.00.

This should be up in a few days!


This is not the actual picture of the album I have, mine has not yet arrived.  Coming soon!