New Shirts!

Going to start updating this blog a little more than I have been.  Still flipping great vintage tee’s as always but have been so busy finding cool stuff for you all, that my time allotment for blogging is like zero….



I’ve got some sweet stuff in right now in both the Etsy Shop and the eBay Store.  Check out some of the things up for sale right now…


il_570xn-1014303606_i0p2il_570xn-1014303608_jstvThis 1980’s Clash Shirt is awesome and in incredible shape.  This is available in our Etsy Shop and our Ebay Store.il_570xn-1024584788_fidbil_570xn-1071118929_tvkxDouble-Sided Vintage Rancid Tee.  I love this shirt and am still considering keeping it.  For now though, it’s listed.  Get it before I change my mind! This is available in our Etsy Shop.I’ve got loads more so check out the shops!

New NOFX shirt just in!

This would have been the third NOFX shirt I had in stock, but the other two I had sold this week.  My vintage NOFX tee’s seem to be going fast.  This shirt has just been listed and is a medium.  Printed on a Cinder Block Tee, this shirt is in awesome condition and soft.



This shirt has been listed at $35.00 at Hometown Zero Vintage.

2 Rare Green Day Shirts!

When I first opened shop, I had an extremely rare Green Day Basket Case shirt, printed on a Brockum Tee, that I sold for $80.00.  I have since landed two more rare Green Day shirts that you will have a problem finding anywhere else.


This shirt is in really good condition considering the age.  There is a tiny hole on the side near the armpit (as pictured). This is a rare shirt and I haven’t been able to find another.  This is available at Hometown Zero Vintage for $50.00.


The second rare Green Day shirt I have is from the insomniac Tour.  This shirt is in mint condition and looks like it was barely worn.

This is also available at Hometown Zero Vintage for $50.00.