Time For Another Nostalgia Show!

Almost a year ago, I had ventured out to see Face To Face in Buffalo.  What started off as a show that I had to drag myself out of the house to see, ended up being a special night.  It was sort of a wake-up call.  I’m not getting any younger, and neither are these bands that shaped my life.  That night, I told myself that I wouldn’t miss any future nostalgic shows.  Once again, the time has come.  The 25th Anniversary show for the legendary hardcore band Snapcase. The show will take place at The Town Ballroom w/Endpoint, Grade, and “Special Guest.”

As soon as I saw this advertised, I grabbed my ticket. This is going to be awesome. Or is it?  I actually have no idea.  It could actually be horrendous.  This is going to be way different then the Face To Face show.  When Snapcase played in their prime, what made them was the energy.  The crowd went ballistic.  With most of their original fans being middle aged men, I’m guessing there won’t be some weird old mosh pit forming in front of that stage.  Hopefully some youth will be venturing out to see this as well, so that it’s not just a sea of dads standing around, staring at the stage.

I’ll definitely have a followup after the show with some pictures.

Stay tuned.





Featured Vinyl: Rancid “Radio Radio Radio” 7-Inch First Pressing

If you’ve visited the shop, you will see that currently I have vintage clothing and some select albums. This weeks feature is Rancid’s “Radio Radio Radio” released by Fat Wreck Chords in 1993.  This is a first pressing in really good condition. The album itself is scratch-less, and the album cover only has some minor corner wear.  This is the first pressing with the “printed in Canada” mark on the back.  Definitely a cool record to own if you are a fan of their music.

This is now available in the shop for $25.00 free shipping.

Welcome to Hometown Zero Vintage!

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! This is the first post for the Hometown Zero Vintage blog.  I’d like to begin this on a proper note, by properly introducing myself.  My name is Aaron Flow and I have been running the Super Sweet Shirt Co. since 2005.  The Super Sweet Shirt Co. is a clothing line of brand new shirts, baby clothes, and toddler tee’s, featuring original artwork influenced by 80’s and 90’s pop culture.  Now in 2016, the Super Sweet Shirt Co. is doing great, but I wanted to start a second project: Hometown Zero Vintage.

I have sold thousands of shirts with the Super Sweet Shirt Co., both on our main site, our Etsy Shop, and our Ebay Store. The thing I take the most pride in, is the fact that I have a nearly flawless review record.  That’s right! Since 2005, I have had just about 100% customer satisfaction rating. I take great pride in this.  This level of customer service will be applied to Hometown Zero Vintage as well.

So what is Hometown Zero Vintage?  There are a billion vintage shops out there, what makes mine different? Take a look at vintage shops on Ebay and Etsy.  90% of them are mind-blowing.  A few cool items, and a pile of shit.  Some people will try selling anything.  If it looks old, they sell it.  That’s not what I wanted.

I grew up during an incredible time in music.  Punk/Hardcore shaped the way I viewed life and made me who I am today. Hometown Zero Vintage is my outlet to sell hand-selected, vintage items, from the bands I grew up listening to.  From bands like Bad Religion to Minor Threat, record labels like Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords – Hometown Zero Vintage will be a collection of shirts, vinyl, and other memorabilia from this era.  It will be a collection of things that are out of print, hard to find, and awesome.  The kicker?  I’m not going to drain your wallet.

Most vintage shops try raping folks with grossly overpriced turds.  Most of the items at Hometown Zero Vintage range from $25.00-$80.00 depending on how rare the item is.  Follow me on Instagram for a first look at everything I get in. This is your best chance to see everything first.

Thanks for stopping by!